Academic Training Programs

TAH Global provides a number of exclusive academic training programs which provide candidates with a knowledge base for the healthcare industry. As healthcare professionals, these educational programs and onsite trainings are essential in order to expand their academic base and become a part of an established medical organisation. 

TAH Global offers medical universities and organisations in mapping out and planning  these academic and training programs within three domains in order to support organisations in their core areas. 

We are associated with several institutes that major in healthcare education and help us leverage our expertise in order to create various academic initiatives and help others excel in them. 

Our three main Academics & Training functional areas are:

  • Academics Programs

With heavy advancements in healthcare technology and various medical care services, many areas lag in terms of formal and properly mapped out educational programs. There is a strict need for both professional as well as vocational programs which can help teach healthcare professionals and keep them updated with all the latest tech and practices in the industry.

 Partnered with TAH Global, many leading universities and institutions are open to creating new and updated medical academic programmes. Our experts help with activities such as drafting the curriculum and documentation in line with university norms. The vast experience of our academic consultants help various institutions map our activities within numerous healthcare programs. 

TAH Global’s List of Programs

Hospital Administration Programs

Our consulting services in the area of Hospital Administration programs covers helping the institute in devising an all round course for Hospital Administration. The overall process includes getting an affiliation with a reputable university, defining the criteria for faculty members, entrance criteria for students, financial feasibility of the program, fee structure breakdown etc. 

Short Term Certifications

With our consulting services, prestigious universities can now enjoy the privilege of starting a new course or certification for candidates. With immense experience in the line of setting up new courses, our consultants can help design short term courses like diplomans, workshops, certification programs etc. Our team aids in understanding the requirements of the courses, designing the courses, helping with their affiliation criteria and documentation support.These are created to suit the needs of skilled workforce in the healthcare domain.

CME Facilitation Programs

Running CME programs and conferences at a medical institution requires heavy documentation work. It involves registrations with the state council and constant coordination until all the authorized signatures are acquired on the certificate. We work closely with various medical councils in order to facilitate such activities. Our team also contributes towards the cause of CME by helping organisers in reaching across various CME related information in order to ensure that users can access information through our dedicated websites and other informational platforms.

  • Training Programs

On-site capacity reinforcing programs are one of the areas that TAH Global has mastered over the years. Our healthcare training programs are created in a certain manner that aid hospital employees and medical staff to master their skills in their respective domains of speciality. 

TAH Global’s training programs are adapted towards hospital administrations and operations. They offer capacity and skill development to candidates through simulation training programs in their acquired skill base. 

TAH Global’s List of Programs

Hospital Training Programs

As an important part of a hospital’s developmental activity, training attributes to the constant growth of an institution, especially when it is a multi disciplinary set up. Continuous training is required in order to keep the staff members updated with any new medical technology or practices that are introduced in the set up. We aid hospitals to create and document on various induction programs for new employees, management development programs, functional skill development programs, soft skill development programs, etc.  This is done by creating various activity modules for trainees and trainers in a healthcare facility. 

HIS Induction Programs

At TAH Global, we believe in taking full responsibility of training resources and troubleshooting various technical challenges by outsourcing engagement. Our team of consultants offers induction programs to educate users via the use of HIS. It allows us to study, understand technology and design training modules for all the users.  We encourage our trainers to educate candidates not only understanding new technology but also on how to function them. Our programs require an evaluation of technical skills of candidates, which helps us understand their experience in terms of using a particular software or piece of tech. Our indigenous tool aids the process of evaluation during the interview process, which is great in order to understand what is the level the candidate is at. 

NABH Training Programs

As one of the accreditation service partners with NABH, we help train medical staff on the NABH both for pre entry as well as full accreditation programs for any medical facility. Collaborating with a third party company, our team of consultants have designed various online courses on NABH, including the student management modules, for training of medical staff.  The process includes designing a training calendar, diving a list of training material, online assessments and progress cards of candidates.

  • Content Management

The TAH Global’s team comes with a vast experience of managing content for healthcare facilities. We offer content related services which can be offline like publication and training documentation for healthcare institutions or online like creating content for websites, advertising content for online articles. 

Our content is original and authentic, with exceptional grammar and editing for every drafted article. While we do not take the authorship, instead support various authors to fulfill the requirement of journal articles and online content. 

List of Services

Publication Services

TAH Global provides services in the area of journal and article support services where we support doctors and medical professionals to document, comprehend and present articles in line with the standards of journals. We also provide supportive services to authors with analysis of data, checking plagiarism, proofreading and grammar check for the overall editing of the article. While we are fully functional in terms of article support services, whereas data collection, interacting with sample size and documentation of data are preliminary requirements expected by the authors to take care of. 

Training Documentation

While our services help our clients in organising a team for their in house training programs for employees. Over the course of our work, we have comprehended documentation for Quality Accreditation related programs, curriculum development, setting up frameworks for short term programs, certifications and workshops. Our services are exclusive to hospitals and healthcare organisations that can fit into their desired framework. We also aid them in documentation of training programs.

Website Content Development

The direction of website content has to be comprehensive in defining the services of the medical organisation.  The message of the content has to be simple, graspable with and without medical terminologies. While designing and developing CMS based websites, we also help in developing the content for all pages for healthcare websites only. The content that we aid in creation is optimised for search engines to ensure that the site ranks on them and is easily accessible to readers.

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