Treatment Management Services

TAH Global is a premium consultant for hospitals and medical facilities that are seeking to increase their services to internationally recognised standards of medicine and healthcare in order to become a part of the medical tourism domain. Apart from promoting a medical organisation as an effective site for medical tourism, we also help our clients differentiate themselves from their potential competition. 

Our team of experts with industry experience accomplish this by bringing prospective patients and buyers together. We also assist in providing relevant information in order to help them make an educated decision regarding the healthcare services available to them. The relativity of information may vary depending upon the market segments and the services of the healthcare facility such as: 

  • Revolutionsed and innovative qualities
  • Size of the healthcare services
  • Latest technologies and specialised treatment alternatives
  • Internationally renowned medical staff and affiliated physicians
  • Awards, certifications, credentials, accolades earned
  • Affiliations with internationally renowned healthcare centres
  • Transparency in terms of quality, safety and costs

To help hospitals become a part of internationally recognised medical practices, we help them implement Medical Tourism Program. It is a dedicated process, which requires resources and specialised staff members that can serve as cultural brokers that are focused on helping out with the needs of health travellers. According to the surveys we conduct within hospitals that cater to medical tourists, we have singled out that word of mouth is one of the leading source of spreading information about facilities within patient communities.  

In order for the Medical Tourism Program to be a success, it is imperative that hospital meet the unique needs of patients and their families for they are travelling long distances for their treatments. Similarly, it is also important to set appropriate expectations thereby minimising the risk of unwanted or negative outcomes. 

An undertaking into the medical tourism market specifies an investment in resources along with a long-term and focused approach. TAH Global works with hospitals in order to develop a committed medical tourism program that is an integral part of the hospital’s overall strategy in order to grow their business.

TAH Global is the “turn-key service and total solution” in the form of experienced and professional consultants for hospitals seeking the required insight in developing successful medical tourism programs that have the potential of garnering piecemeal patient referrals, as well as an alternatively lucrative revenue generating stream for the hospital or medical facility.

For clients looking to expand into medical tourism, TAH Global acts as a premium consultant & increase their services to internationally recognized standards of medicine & healthcare.

Research beyond the business plan

There is no difference between Treatment Management Services and Medical Tourism. Treatment Management Services  is just another name given to medical tourism, which helps medical facilities in getting into medical tourism. 

TAH Global is partnered with various top-notch facilities all over the globe to provide medical tourism facilities to patients from different parts of the world. 

Medical tourism is a rising part of the tourism industry that has the potential of generation immense revenue. Getting into the medical tourism industry has the potential of garnering piecemeal patient referrals, as well as an alternatively lucrative revenue generating stream for a hospital or medical facility. 

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Working with TAH Global has been an exceptional experience. They truly understand the requirements of our organisation and help execute the entire process of building the entire facility and getting recognition for our organisation. Their team is very professional and experts at what they do.

Used Juraev
CEO, Rehmat Hospital

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