10 Countries Which Offer World-Class Healthcare At A Bargain

Did you know the US tops the charts when it comes to the most expensive healthcare nations of the world? However, what’s more important for the common man is to know the cheapest of all the places where we can get healthcare without worry.

So, here’s a list of those astonishing tourist destinations that serve health without burning holes into your pockets

1. India

With culture, heritage, population, and food, there’s yet another factor that makes India so renowned. That factor is its world-class healthcare services to medical tourists.

When compared to the US, you can potentially save up to 90% of costs. This facility comes with their mindblowing hospitality.

Medical tourists love the healthcare packages they get. These include private chefs, free wifi, pick-ups to and from the hospital, and more.

2. Malaysia

From lounge services at the airport to five-star patient rooms, Malaysia offers foreign patients a luxurious healthcare experience at affordable rates.

It has also been awarded for Health and Medical Tourism Destination of the Year from 2015-2017.

Plus, as a US traveler, you save between 65% to 80% on health costs.

3. Cuba

Apart from its beautiful beaches, Cuba is famous for its outstanding doctors and nurses. When complemented with world-class equipment and Caribbeans’ hospitality, the nation becomes a worthy choice for medical tourists.

The expenses, however, don’t match the high-end treatment. Healthcare services in this part of the world save a massive 60% to 80% when compared to the US.

4. Panama

Well, Panama’s not only a retirement destination but also a well-known healthcare one.

Its well-trained healthcare professionals show their compassion and skills in their high-quality services. They are even known for comfortably speaking English, in case you aren’t well-versed with Spanish.

Plus, you can easily avail the benefit of 40% to 70% reduction in healthcare costs when compared to the US.

5. Costa Rica

Costa Rica already has an excellent reputation when it comes it dentistry services and cosmetic surgeries. It’s even better than the US, in this matter.

It’s also getting better at eye surgeries.

With such growth in mind, pus, the expense reduction from 45% to 65% if you are from the US, your trip to Costa Rica might become a positive, healthy, and memorable one.

6. Mexico

Mexican food, art, and advancement in cosmetic surgery and dentistry is already famous.

With numerous hospitals ensuring high-quality with the accreditation by Mexico’s federal health ministry, you won’t regret your treatment there.

At least not on finance terms, because compared to the US, there’s a chance of saving 40% to 60% of healthcare costs in Mexico.

Here too, the doctors have a good command over English, making your life in Mexico easier.

7. Taiwan

Did you know that the first kidney transplant procedure in Asia was undertaken by the Taiwanese?

With that revolutionary step, the Taiwanese are also known for providing a-one healthcare for cheap to not only the residents of the nation but also to medical tourists.

Compared to the most expensive country in healthcare, i.e., the US, you will save up to 40% to 50% by getting yourself treated in Taiwan.

8. South Korea

South Korea is not only known for its affordable healthcare services but also, the trained staff of its hospitals. Medical tourists love its advanced services that also include an insurance cover.

Compared to the high-end health expenses in the US, it’ll cost you up to 30% to 45% less for your treatment in this country.

No wonder it’s called The Land of the Morning Calm because it provides you with peace regarding both health and finances.

9. Singapore

Being one of the immensely developed nations around the world, no doubt, Singapore has the best health facilities to offer.

Besides, it can reduce your health expenses by up to 25%- 40% if you’re from the US, or a similar expensive nation.


With 43 hospitals accredited by the JCI (Joint Commission International), the country guarantees high-quality services. JCI is the gold standard accreditation for global healthcare.

It’s already quite known for its cosmetic and plastic surgery expertise.

A must to consider, especially when you get at least a 20% off on your healthcare expenses when compared to the US.

Those were the nations with the most affordable healthcare, yet with world-class services. In case you chose India as your medical tourism destination, to experience luxury, culture, and compassionate hospitality, we at TAH-Global would love to help you. Check our wing at TAH- India, dedicated specially for medical tourism.

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